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Paid Leave and Coronavirus — Part 30: Paid Leave For COVID-19 Vaccines and “Kin Care” Come to Nevada

USA - June 24 2021 Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak recently signed into law Senate Bill 209 (“SB209”) and Assembly Bill 190 (“AB190”). SB209 requires…

Tracy M. Billows, Joshua D. Seidman

Second Circuit: Mere Allegation Of Willfulness Not Enough To Invoke Three-Year Statute Of Limitations

USA - May 10 2021 In Whiteside v. Hover-Davis, Inc., the Second Circuit upheld the dismissal of an FLSA claim…

Robert S. Whitman

No Adverse Action? No Problem: NJ Supreme Court Eases Pleading Burden for Disability Claims under LAD

USA - June 16 2021 The New Jersey Supreme Court held that a plaintiff need not plead an adverse employment action such as a termination or demotion to…

Ephraim J. Pierre, Glenn J. Smith, Howard M. Wexler

New Jersey Supreme Court Clarifies Good Faith Defense to Wage & Hour Claims

USA - January 25 2021 The New Jersey Supreme Court recently clarified the standard an employer must meet to successfully assert a good faith defense to…

Howard M. Wexler

If Pain, Yes Gain—Part 95: Appellate Court Affirms Temporary Injunction Barring San Antonio’s Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

USA - March 18 2021 On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, a Texas appellate court affirmed a temporary injunction against the City of San Antonio’s Paid Sick…

Vanessa Rogers, Joshua D. Seidman, Esteban (Steve) Shardonofsky