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Paid Leave and Coronavirus — Part 30: Paid Leave For COVID-19 Vaccines and “Kin Care” Come to Nevada

USA - June 24 2021 Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak recently signed into law Senate Bill 209 (“SB209”) and Assembly Bill 190 (“AB190”). SB209 requires…

Tracy M. Billows, Joshua D. Seidman

No Adverse Action? No Problem: NJ Supreme Court Eases Pleading Burden for Disability Claims under LAD

USA - June 16 2021 The New Jersey Supreme Court held that a plaintiff need not plead an adverse employment action such as a termination or demotion to…

Ephraim J. Pierre, Glenn J. Smith, Howard M. Wexler

Second Circuit: Mere Allegation Of Willfulness Not Enough To Invoke Three-Year Statute Of Limitations

USA - May 10 2021 In Whiteside v. Hover-Davis, Inc., the Second Circuit upheld the dismissal of an FLSA claim…

Robert S. Whitman

If Pain, Yes Gain—Part 96: District Court Permanently Enjoins Dallas Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

USA - April 6 2021 Paid sick leave ordinances in Texas continue to face setbacks as multiple judges have granted temporary injunctions barring such…

Vanessa Rogers, Joshua D. Seidman, Esteban (Steve) Shardonofsky

New NYS Housing Law Requires Notice of Disability Accommodation Rights, But Sample Agency Form Raises Concerns for City Buildings

USA - March 25 2021 Cooperatives and landlords of residential buildings in New York State are required by a new law to provide written notice to…

John W. Egan, Dennis H. Greenstein, Ingrid C. Manevitz