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Supreme Court of Kentucky Rules That Firms May Require Lawyers to Sign Non-Solicitation Agreements That Exempt Legal Work

USA - December 10 2019 A law firm can terminate an at-will lawyer who refuses to sign an agreement prohibiting them from soliciting the firm’s customers or clients…

Erik W. Weibust

Rhode Island Joins the Fray, Passing Legislation that Restricts the Use of Non-Compete Agreements for Certain Low-Wage Workers

USA - November 5 2019 Following in the footsteps of its neighbors Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, Rhode Island recently enacted legislation that restricts the use…

Erik W. Weibust

Chancery Court Finds Merger Agreement’s “No Use” Provision Preserves Seller’s Privilege

USA - June 4 2019 In Shareholder Representative Services LLC v. RSI Holdco, LLC, C.A. No. 2018-0517-KSJM (Del. Ch. May 29, 2019), the Delaware Court of Chancery held…

Alison K. Eggers, Christopher F. Robertson

Washington State Governor Signs Law Severely Limiting Non-Competes

USA - May 15 2019 Washington State has joined the ranks of an ever-growing number of states that impose significant restrictions on employee non-compete agreements. On…

Dawn Mertineit, Katherine Perrelli

Washington State Lawmakers Seek to Partially Ban Non-Competes

USA - March 15 2019 As readers of this blog well know, there is a growing trend of state legislatures seeking to limit or outright ban non-competes. (See here, here, and…

Dawn Mertineit