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Succession Planning: Transitioning the Current Generation out of the Business

Australia - July 20 2020 If there are no children or grandchildren interested in the family business, an option is a sale. Transitioning out of the business in this scenario…

Nikki Owen, Will Taylor

Succession Planning: Governance, Employment or Equity?

Australia, New Zealand - June 25 2020 The family Succession Plan should set out who holds ownership or controlling interests in the business (equity), who acts in a day…

Nikki Owen, Will Taylor

Sale of the Business as an Option in the Succession plan

Australia - April 17 2020 This is one of an ongoing series of 10 legal alerts on this topic. This article is the fourth in the series, and follows on from Succession Planning:…

Nikki Owen, Will Taylor

5 Things Employers Must Know About JobKeeper

Australia - April 7 2020 The Federal Government proposes paying employers $1,500 per fortnight per employee, for 6 months from 30 March through 30 September 2020, to help…

Michael Butler, Tom Hendrick, Liyao Wang

Succession Planning: How to Bring Non-Family Members into the Business

Australia - March 17 2020 How to involve non-family members in the business, as employees, managers, or within executive or non-executive board roles. Within the vast majority…

Nikki Owen, Will Taylor