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Southwest Airlines Co. v. Saxone: Airline Cargo Loaders Exempt from Arbitration

USA - June 9 2022 On June 6, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in an unanimous opinion in Southwest Airlines Co. v. Saxon, No. 21-309 that airline…

Andrew W. Bagley, Jessica S. Nam, Ira M. Saxe, Eric Su

Morgan vs Sundance: Enforceability of Arbitration Provisions

USA - June 3 2022 On May 23, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in a unanimous opinion in Morgan v. Sundance, No. 21-328 that the Federal Arbitration…

Andrew W. Bagley, Ira M. Saxe, Cori Schreider, Eric Su

Restrictive Covenants in the Tenth Circuit

USA - May 3 2022 Within the Tenth Circuit, states vary in their enforcement of restrictive covenants. Wyoming, Kansas, and New Mexico govern the use of restrictive…

Katie Lee

Pre-dispute Agreements to Arbitrate Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Claims Will Be Voidable Pursuant to Federal Legislation

USA - March 2 2022 On February 10, 2022, Congress passed H.R. 4445, titled the “Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021.” The…

Ellen Moran Dwyer, Kimberley Johnson, Sadina Montani, Rebecca L. Springer, Eric Su

President Biden’s Executive Order Mandates Project Labor Agreements for All “Large-Scale” Federal Construction Projects

USA - February 8 2022 On February 4, 2022, President Biden signed an Executive Order on Use of Project Labor Agreements for Federal Construction Projects (the “Order”) for…

Peter J. Eyre, Kris D. Meade, Jessica S. Nam, Nicole Owren-Wiest, Eric Su