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Trade Packages Announced at Summit of the Americas

USA - June 13 2022 The Summit of the Americas concluded last week in Los Angeles with two announcements to promote hemispheric trade: the Americas Partnership for…

Andrew Blasi, Olivia Burzynska-Hernandez, Christian Roatta, Patricia L. Wu

Launch of Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

USA - May 25 2022 On May 23rd, President Biden, accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, formally unveiled the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity…

Christopher D. Gundermann

Global Data Transfer Developments: Taking the APEC CBPR System Global

Global - April 22 2022 On April 21, Canada, Singapore, Japan, the U.S., the Republican of Korea, Chinese Taipei, and the Philippines released a joint declaration announcing…

Christopher D. Gundermann, Clark Jennings, Jeffrey L. Poston

Global Trade Talks: Russia and Ukraine - Expecting the Unexpected with Dj Wolff and Carlton Greene

Russia, Ukraine - April 14 2022 Global Trade Talks is a podcast that shares brief perspectives on key global issues on international trade, current events, business, law and public…

Carlton Greene, Nicole Janigian Simonian, David (Dj) Wolff

Biden Administration Considers Imposing Sanctions on Kaspersky Labs

USA - April 6 2022 As the U.S. government continues to ratchet up sanctions in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, public reporting suggests there may be a new…

Kate M. Growley, Caroline E Brown, Paul C. Mathis, Jeffrey L. Snyder, Alexander Urbelis, Evan D. Wolff