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Justice Department Goes on the Offensive Against Board Interlocks

USA - October 21 2022 This week, the Antitrust Division announced the resignation of seven directors from their corporate board positions in response to concerns their…

Olivier N. Antoine, Shawn Johnson, Richard Stella

More Boxes to Check for Leniency Applicants

USA - April 7 2022 On April 4th, the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice announced updates to its leniency program, issuing an updated policy and set of…

Jessica Franzetti, Rebecca Monck Ricigliano, Kate M. Watkins, Daniel L. Zelenko

Did I Hear That Correctly? DOJ Antitrust Division Seeks to Criminally Prosecute Monopolization

USA - March 4 2022 This week, a DOJ Antitrust Division official signaled a significant expansion of its criminal enforcement program. While speaking at the ABA White…

Juan A. Arteaga, Shawn Johnson, Jeff Severson, Daniel L. Zelenko

What’s Really Behind Those High Prices - Supply Shortage or Unlawful Collusion? DOJ Launches New Probe into Collusion in Supply Chain

USA - February 18 2022 At a time when everyone -- from automotive OEMs trying to obtain critical computer chips to consumers purchasing new appliances -- is frustrated by…

Alexis Victoria DeBernardis, Lyndsay A. Gorton, Ryan C. Tisch, Daniel L. Zelenko

More Changes to Merger Review at the FTC - Parties Should Expect a “More Rigorous” Second Request Process

USA - September 29 2021 The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced several significant changes to the second request merger review process in a blog post by Holly Vedova…

Olivier N. Antoine, Alexis J. Gilman, Shawn Johnson, Richard Stella, Jeane A. Thomas, Ryan C. Tisch