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Emergence From COVID-19: Imperatives for Health System Leaders

USA - June 15 2020 The COVID-19 crisis has brought great adversity, and our health systems and academic centers are responding with innovation. Policymakers have…

Brenda Pawlak

Applications of Digital Health to Clinical Research

USA - January 23 2019 The clinical research landscape is changing rapidly. The future will be characterized by changes in trial and study design, continued shifts in the…

Jared Augenstein, Zerrin Cetin

Next-Generation Funds Flow Model: Enhancing Academic Health System Alignment

USA - November 26 2018 The promise of academic medicine is to create new knowledge, train the next generation of practitioners and advance standards of patient care…

Michael G. Merritt, Jr., Thomas D. Leary, Helen R. Pfister, Adam D. Striar

Using Telehealth as a Tool for Health System Integration

USA - September 18 2017 As discussed in our August Health Update article on patient engagement and digital health—the first in our new digital health series—the advent of…

Jared Augenstein, Jacqueline D. Marks

Key Takeaways From the Academic Nursing Leadership Summit

USA - July 27 2016 In the March issue of "Health Update," Manatt Health introduced a new report prepared for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) that…

Brenda Pawlak, Alex Morin