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Reminder: New Prop 65 “Safe Harbor” Warnings for Acrylamide in Food Start Jan. 1, 2023

USA - December 22 2022 Beginning January 1, 2023, California will recognize a unique new “safe harbor" warning that can be used by manufacturers, distributors and retailers…

Eric J. Schmoll

California Green Hydrogen Update

USA - November 9 2022 As we previously covered, California has been working towards the development of “green hydrogen,” i.e., hydrogen fuel produced by splitting water…

Eric J. Schmoll

Recommended energy transition strategies for businesses

USA - November 8 2022 It is well known that U.S. federal agencies are expressing concern over greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. At the same time, and in…

Peter C. Trimarchi

Two reasons to expect little progress at COP27

Global, USA - November 4 2022 We are not expecting further big climate reduction commitments from countries this year at COP27. The leaders of China and Russia (the world’s first-…

Benjamin H. Patton, Mary M. Balaster, Megan S. Haines, Jennifer A. Smokelin, Peter C. Trimarchi, Nicolas Walker

California’s new carbon capture and storage laws

USA - October 13 2022 California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed three bills addressing carbon capture, utilization and storage (“CCUS”) and carbon dioxide removal…

Sara M. Eddy, Eric J. Schmoll