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Supply chain delays and facilitation payments: a timely reminder

USA - June 24 2022 Statements by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, this week about “a ton of expense and hardly any output” at factories because components were “stuck” at a…

Calvin Chan, Rosanne Kay, Thor Maalouf

Anti-corruption enforcement in China - increased penalties for bribe-givers

China - May 23 2022 In late 2021, China’s anti-corruption enforcement agencies issued regulations which imposed increased penalties on bribe-givers. These penalties…

Stefanie Dai, Calvin Chan, Ruiteng Liu

Singapore High Court issues injunctions against unknown individuals for cryptocurrency theft, and orders cryptocurrency exchanges to disclose information: CLM v. CLN

Singapore - March 22 2022 For the first time in Singapore, the High Court has recognized cryptocurrency as property and granted proprietary injunctions against unknown persons…

Adrian Aw, Calvin Chan, Timothy Cooke, Gautam Lamba, Hagen Rooke, Anand S. Tiwari

China continues to sharpen its teeth against corruption: updates to China’s anti-corruption regime

China, United Kingdom - September 3 2018 The first half of 2018 saw a number of significant changes to the Chinese anti-corruption regime, including amendments to the Anti-Unfair Competition…

Yang Bai, Calvin Chan, Victor Huang