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UK Government Expands State Guaranteed Loan Scheme to Provide Support for ‘Stranded Middle’ UK Businesses and Announces Support for Start-ups

United Kingdom - April 20 2020 Starting on Monday, 20 April 2020, the UK government is expanding its corporate loan scheme to include large businesses. Under the Coronavirus Large…

Claude Brown, Karen Butler, Kevin-Paul Deveau, Nicholas Williams, Michael J. Young

Coronavirus - UK goes into ‘lockdown’ mode and government support for businesses

United Kingdom - March 25 2020 The UK has now taken the next step to encourage social distancing in its efforts to flatten the rate of new COVID-19 cases. In an address to the…

Bhawna Desai

COVID-19 and electronic signatures under English law

United Kingdom - March 24 2020 The emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to social distancing and remote working. In this current environment it may not always be…

Lauren Dooley, Edmund Tyler, Emma Weeden

If you want to follow the trend, make sure you are CMA compliant

United Kingdom, USA - February 26 2019 In today’s digital age, brands are increasingly utilising the platforms of celebrities, vloggers, bloggers and other social media personalities…

Nick Breen, Dani Khang

Influencing the Influencer - how to be #CMAcompliant

United Kingdom - February 25 2019 With the growing use of social media platforms and the evolution of a new kind of e-celeb, it is no surprise that brands are increasingly utilising…

Nick Breen, Dani Khang