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Supply chain delays and facilitation payments: a timely reminder

USA - June 24 2022 Statements by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, this week about “a ton of expense and hardly any output” at factories because components were “stuck” at a…

Steven Li, Calvin Chan, Thor Maalouf

Burning the midnight oil: fast-tracked UK Economic Crime Act becomes law

United Kingdom - March 15 2022 Today (Tuesday, 15 March 2022), the UK parliament passed the Economic Crime…

Jamie Fryer, Emma Shafton

From the FCPA to the UK Bribery Act - Your key questions about global anticorruption laws answered

Global, United Kingdom - February 14 2022 Much has been said about planned regulatory change for 2022, with the Biden Administration setting out a strategy to tackle corruption, the UK…

Mark E. Bini, Bradley J. Bolerjack, Brian Durcan, Pierre-Céols Fischer, Joanna Howe, Rolf Hünermann, Ali Ishaq, Daniel Kadar, Dr. Philip Schmidt LL.B., Francisca M. Mok, Julia Nestor, Christina Nikiforaki, Anthony Poulopoulos, Emma Shafton, Conor Shevlin

What other offenses do I need to watch out for if I suspect there has been bribery in my organization?

USA - December 14 2021 If bribery has been discovered in your organization, there are a number of related offenses that you need to watch out for, in particular money…

Pierre-Céols Fischer, Rolf Hünermann, Daniel Kadar, Dr. Philip Schmidt LL.B., Francisca M. Mok

Do the FCPA, UK Bribery Act, French or German criminal codes make our company liable for the acts of my subsidiaries and employees?

France, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, USA - November 23 2021 Although there might have been a delay during the pandemic, it is no secret that regulators across the globe are back to business and seeking to…

Mark E. Bini, Pierre-Céols Fischer, Joanna M. Howe, Rolf Hünermann, Daniel Kadar, Dr. Philip Schmidt LL.B., Julia Nestor