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Only Sheriff in Town? Not so fast: National Association of Attorneys General announces the formation of the Center on Cyber and Technology.

USA - May 18 2022 With the continued rapid growth of both technological innovations and the market power of the companies spurring these innovations, calls for greater…

Karim Al-Hassan, Divonne Smoyer

State AGs signal collaboration with feds to crack down on fraud in digital asset markets

USA - May 5 2022 As we previously reported, state attorneys general (AGs) are among the many regulators and law enforcers taking a significant interest in digital…

Jonathan L. Marcus, Divonne Smoyer

Biden Administration Issues Sweeping Executive Order on Digital Assets

USA - March 10 2022 Yesterday, the Biden administration (the Administration) issued an “Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets,” outlining…

Mark E. Bini, Kaela Dahan, Ramsey Hanna, Evan Zinaman

Regulators broaden definitions of regulated trading and DeFi platforms

USA - February 17 2022 Financial regulators in the United States and Europe continue to search for ways to bring the burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) industry…

Claude Brown, Peter Y. Malyshev, Jonathan L. Marcus, Hagen Rooke

New AGs take the reins in key states with largest AG election cycle in years on the horizon

USA - February 10 2022 State attorneys general (AGs) serve as their states' top lawyers. Elected, or in some states appointed, these officials hold important and powerful…

Divonne Smoyer