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Diagnostic test supervision: CMS relaxes rules but also creates ambiguity

USA - May 12 2021 Until recently, strict Medicare rules allowed only fully licensed physicians to take responsibility for the supervision of diagnostic tests. The…

Thomas W. Greeson

California Legislature debates restricting private equity investments and competitor acquisitions in health care

USA - March 15 2021 During the 2020 California legislative session, the legislature debated a bill (Senate Bill 977, which we covered during a webinar in July 2020) that…

James F. Hennessy, Sonia Nguyen, Courtney T. Potts

New COVID-19 “CARES Act”: Funding and Flexibilities to Support Health Care System Response to Coronavirus

USA - April 2 2020 President Trump has signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act or Act),1 sweeping legislation intended to…

Jamie Knauer, Nicole J. Aiken-Shaban, Scot T. Hasselman, Robert J. Hill, John D. Kendzior, Julia Krebs-Markrich, Carol Colborn Loepere, Arielle Lusardi, Kevin M. Madagan, Debra A. McCurdy, Rahul Narula, Sonia Nguyen, Sung W. Park, Ryan M. Pate, James Segroves

HHS expands access to telehealth services in response to COVID-19

USA - March 25 2020 As discussed in our client alert, recent legal developments have greatly expanded funding for and access to telehealth services during the COVID-19…

Rebecca E. Dittrich, James F. Hennessy, Jamie Knaue, Sonia Nguyen

Telehealth: COVID-19 Legal Developments

USA - March 25 2020 As the United States continues to ramp up efforts to cope with the growing threat posed by COVID-19 outbreaks throughout the country, the federal…

Jamie Knauer, Rebecca E. Dittrich, James F. Hennessy, Sonia Nguyen