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New Brazilian anti-corruption law will soon take effect

Brazil - November 20 2013 On August 1, 2013, in response to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's ("OECD") requirement that Brazil comply with the…

Arturo Muñoz Holguin, Francisco Rivero

New Mexican anti-money laundering regulations take effect

Mexico - October 17 2013 On October 17, 2012, Mexico passed the Ley Federal para la Prevención e Identificación de Operaciones con Recursos de Procedencia…

Kenneth E. Broughton, Francisco Rivero

Operational regulatory risks facing private equity firms

USA - July 10 2013 If you work in the private equity world, you probably know that you are already exposed to a variety of regulatory risks and obligations that can…

Jeffrey A. Legault, Mark G. Pedretti