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Do we need to give employees paid time off to vote in the upcoming midterm elections?

USA - November 2 2022 With Election Day just around the corner, private employers should carefully review state voting leave laws to ensure they are in compliance. Voting…

Oluwaseyi A. Odunaiya

FTC set to begin policing companies for alleged gig worker abuse

USA - September 27 2022 One of the priorities of the current administration is to police the alleged abuse of “gig workers,” particularly through the Department of Labor and…

Emily Harbison, Oluwaseyi A. Odunaiya

EEOC issues guidance on religious objections to COVID-19 vaccine mandates

USA - October 27 2021 As we discussed here, employers who have implemented mandatory vaccine policies - either by choice or by government mandate - have seen a significant…

Mark S. Goldstein, Emily Harbison

Global Perspectives International Trends in Commercial Disputes

Global - October 14 2021 Fraud is a global growth industry that has infamously enjoyed a period of expansion during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Bad actors may be…

Karen A. Braje, Amanda E. Brown, Sarah Bruno, Douglas E. Cherry, Carl De Cicco, Timothy Cooke, Michael Galibois, Mark S. Goldstein, Alison Heaton, Fiona Leung, Natsayi Mawere, Carlene Nicol, Gregor Pryor, Hagen Rooke, Stephen E. Sessa, Dr. Andreas Splittgerber, Elle Todd

Texas executive order restricts mandatory vaccination policies for employers

USA - October 13 2021 Most Texas employers are likely already familiar with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order GA-39 that prohibits state and local governments…

Amanda E. Brown, Emily Harbison