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Insurance coverage considerations for the cannabis industry in the wake of novel coronavirus outbreak

USA - February 14 2020 The outbreak of a new strain of the coronavirus has impacted in one way or another many businesses across the United States and around the world…

Mark A. West

Novel coronavirus: commercial insurance considerations

USA - February 6 2020 The recent outbreak of a novel coronavirus has created some apprehension, confusion, and potential complications for businesses across the United…

Richard P. Lewis, Mark A. West

Tenth Circuit decision clears the way for further judicial consideration of application of recently re-enacted Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment

USA - December 27 2019 Since December 2014, there has been a provision in the Federal Budget that, generally stated, denies funds to the U.S. Department of Justice (the…

Zachary S. Roman

As consumer litigation mounts, CBD companies must be prepared

USA - November 15 2019 Following last year’s removal of hemp - and, therefore, also hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) - from the list of Schedule I controlled substances…

Adam D. Brownrout, Cori Annapolen Goldberg, Kathyleen A. O'Brien

Warning: Broad definition of “cannabis” calls into question “hemp exception” to new ISO cannabis exclusions

USA - November 14 2019 Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) recently released five new cannabis-related endorsements, each of which, when included as part of a business…

George L. Stewart