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NYC wage transparency law to go into effect in May 2022

USA - January 18 2022 As we previously reported, the New York City Council passed legislation in December 2021 requiring New York City employers to include a maximum and…

Alexandra Manfredi

Supreme Court blocks federal vaxx-or-test rule for large employers

USA - January 14 2022 The highest court in the land has, at long last, weighed in on the permissibility of the federal government's November 2021 vaccine-or-test rule for…

Emily Harbison

NYC passes landmark wage transparency bill

USA - January 6 2022 Even though 2022 is just underway, the NYC employment law landscape is already red hot. In mid-December, the city council passed a first-of-its-kind…

Alexandra Manfredi

FAQs regarding OSHA’s workplace vaccine mandate

USA - December 22 2021 OSHA issued its Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) in early November. A series of challenges quickly ensued, resulting in a stay of the ETS and a…

Benjamin H. Patton, Emily Harbison, James A. Holt, John McDonald, Saranne Weimer

BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court reinstates OSHA vaccine ETS

USA - December 18 2021 On December 17, 2021, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals dissolved the stay previously placed on OSHA’s so-called “vaccinate or test” Emergency…

Mara D. Curtis, Emily Harbison, James A. Holt, Brenda Rosales-Carrillo