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"Commercial Surveillance”: A Consumer Data-Privacy Watchword Becomes the Target of the FTC’s Latest Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

USA - August 31 2022 The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") recently announced an advanced notice of public rulemaking ("ANPR") and request for public comment regarding…

Karim Alhassan, Gerard M. Stegmaier

New federal incident response regulations drive notification complexity

USA - April 27 2022 Despite the lack of near-term prospects for passage of a comprehensive Federal privacy law, the Federal government recently issued new incident…

Christian Blair, Eric M. Manski, Gerard M. Stegmaier

Maryland and California Propose Biometric Privacy Legislation that Would Include Illinois-Like Private Rights of Action

USA - March 3 2022 Maryland and California look to join the list of states that not only regulate biometric data but provide consumers with the opportunity to seek…

Karim Al-Hassan, Sarah Bruno, Stuart D. Cobb, Gerard M. Stegmaier, Hubert Zanczak

Chinese data security laws increasingly create roadblocks for litigants seeking discovery in U.S. courts

China - March 1 2022 Two Chinese information security laws, the Data Security Law (“DSL”) and the Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”), are creating difficulties…

Stuart Cobb, Michael J. Lowell, Eric M. Manski, Cindy Shen, Gerard M. Stegmaier

New York becomes latest state to legislate workplace privacy protections

USA - November 22 2021 Monitoring employee communications - particularly electronic communications - is standard practice for most U.S. employers. Beginning in May 2022…

Mark S. Goldstein, Gerard M. Stegmaier