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Global Guide to International Arbitration

Global - November 26 2019 In our globalized and rapidly changing world, finding a reliable way to resolve business disputes is essential…

Hanna Abdou, José Astigarraga, Marine de Bailleul, Francis Bellen, Eduardo J. De la Peña Bernal, Gautam Bhattacharyya, M. Cristina Cárdenas, Chloe J Carswell, Stephen Chan, Jemma A. Collins, Philip W. Danziger, Lindsay East, Alison Eslick, Joyce Fong, Peter Hardy, Kohe Hasan, Sujey S. Herrera, Daniel Avila II, Lucian Ilie, James P. Duffy IV, Iris Kruse, Shourav Lahiri, Michael S. Lazaroff, Catherine Lewis, Richard P. Lewis, Lianjun Li, Andrew Meads, Rhys Monahan, Michelle Nelson, Belinda L. Paisley, Peter Rosher, Sultan Seidalin, Donald Sham, Antoine K.F. Smiley, Christian Thomas Stempfle, Lisa A. Szymanski, Nazanin Tajbakhsh, Andrew Tetley, Anne-Marie Trachmann, William S. Weltman, Lucy M. Winnington-Ingram, Jody Wood, Cheryl Yu

Commodities contracts and the impact of the OW Bunkers case

United Kingdom - June 2 2016 As we reported in an earlier Client Alert, the UK Supreme Court recently handed down its highly anticipated judgment in the Res Cogitans case. The…

Karen B. Ellison, Siân C. Fellows, Diane Galloway, Sejal Gandhi, Andrea J. Pincus

Long-term supply (and off-take) agreements: some recent themes

United Kingdom - April 29 2016 The long-term supply (or off-take) agreement (“LTSA”) should not have too many ‘open ended’ provisions that require further agreements between the…

Rebecca Archer, Kyri Evagora, Elizabeth Farrell, Paul Skeet

Are English arbitration awards ‘final, conclusive and binding’? – revisiting the right to challenge arbitration awards in English courts

United Kingdom - November 3 2015 Under limited circumstances, a party to an English arbitration award who is dissatisfied with the result can challenge that award in the courts...

Gordon F. Bell, Diane Galloway, Bartek Rutkowski

A timely lesson: understanding how a sale contract dispute may have serious financial consequences beyond that contract alone

United Kingdom - August 17 2015 In the recent case of Sang Stone Hamoon Jonoub Co Ltd v Baoyue Shipping Co Ltd ([2015] EWHC 2288 (Comm)), Mr Justice Males provided direction on the…

Diane Galloway, Vassia Payiataki, Philippa Rowe