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Singapore High Court upholds Glencore's right to payment under LC

Singapore - November 1 2022 The Singapore High Court has affirmed a number of key principles relating to (i) circular commodity sales transactions (including simultaneous sale…

Min Jian Chan, Joyce Fong, Kenneth Goh

12-month time bar applies to claims for misdelivery of cargo, whether or not delivery is after discharge

United Kingdom - October 25 2022 On September 28, 2022, the English High Court handed down its decision in FIMBank v. KCH Shipping ([2022] EWHC 2400 (Comm)), confirming that the…

Catriona Casha, Thor Maalouf

Conflict in Ukraine: challenges affecting businesses in the agricultural commodities sector

Ukraine - July 19 2022 The conflict in Ukraine has affected few markets more dramatically and directly than the grains and edible oils markets. International and domestic…

Chloe J Carswell, Elizabeth Farrell, Frances Furness, Andrew Meads, Vassia Payiataki, Paul Skeet

Quadra Commodities S.A. v XL Insurance & Ors

United Kingdom - March 7 2022 On 4 March 2022, the English High Court ordered insurers to indemnify a commodity trader for the misappropriation of commodities following the…

Jemma A. Collins, Elizabeth Farrell, Tom Watling

Singapore High Court blocks Crédit Agricole recoupment after Zenrock fraud

Singapore - February 9 2022 In a landmark judgment running to 105 pages, the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) determined a number of important and interesting…

Omar Al-Ali, Catriona Casha, Michael N. Chee