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When common sense prevails: 100% liability finding in a three-ship collision in the Suez Canal

USA - October 5 2020 On 5 October 2020, in his last judgment in the Admiralty Court, Justice Teare handed down his decision on a consolidated action for a collision…

Voirrey Blount, Richard M. Gunn

The CMA CGM LIBRA - leave to appeal to UK Supreme Court granted

United Kingdom - July 31 2020 On 30 July 2020, the UK Supreme Court granted Owners of the CMA CGM Libra leave to appeal to the UK Supreme Court from the decision of the Court of…

Richard M. Gunn

The CMA cgm libra

United Kingdom - March 4 2020 The Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Admiralty Judge in ‘The CMA CGM LIBRA’ in that a defective Passage Plan can render a vessel…

Richard M. Gunn

“The Longchamp” – a reasonable ransom

USA - November 3 2014 On 24th Oct 2014 in The Longchamp the High Court held that expenses incurred by the Owners of a Vessel hijacked in negotiating the reduction of the…

Richard M. Gunn

Application of the word "about" – when does under-consumption start?

United Kingdom - July 16 2012

Richard M. Gunn