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Rising number of class actions targeting outlet stores based on claims of false and deceptive advertising

USA - October 23 2014 Plaintiffs' class attorneys have a new target in sight and it is outlet shopping. In the past 90 days, class action lawsuits have been filed in…

Lisa B. Kim, Julianna D. Milberg

As consumer litigation mounts, CBD companies must be prepared

USA - November 15 2019 Following last year’s removal of hemp - and, therefore, also hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) - from the list of Schedule I controlled substances…

Adam D. Brownrout, Cori Annapolen Goldberg, Michael H. Sampson

LA Sues Seller of “Must-Have” Radish Paste that Falsely Claims to Prevent COVID-19

USA - May 18 2020 Last week, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office filed a civil lawsuit against KNature Co., Inc. d/b/a Insan Healing, Inc. (Insan), a Los…

Erika N. Auger

The Quarter Ham: California Court of Appeal Affirms Judgment in Unfair Competition and False Advertising Case

USA - January 17 2017 You can still get your quarter ham “STARTING AT $23.99” from Honey Baked Ham, Inc. according to the California Court of Appeal in its unpublished…

John P. Feldman, Jonathan J. Kim

'Operation Full Disclosure' targets ads that fall short of the 'clear and conspicuous' disclosure standard

USA - October 6 2014 The staff of the Federal Trade Commission recently sent warning letters to more than 60 companies, including 20 of the 100 largest advertisers in the…

Dominique H. Pietz