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Ports & Terminals in China

China - November 13 2018 A structured guide to ports & terminals in China

Connie Chen

Singapore High Court rejects application to strike out a bank’s claims for negligence against the beneficiary of a letter of credit

Singapore - June 7 2021 The Singapore High Court (the Court) recently delivered a judgment on an application to strike out in the case of Bank of China v. BP Singapore Pte…

Kyri Evagora

Secretariat Consulting Pte Ltd v. A Company

United Kingdom - February 23 2021 There have been a number of important developments in relation to the law relating to the duty of arbitrators (a) to give disclosure, and (b) to…

Kyri Evagora, Kohe Hasan

Singapore High Court upholds Glencore's right to payment under LC

Singapore - November 1 2022 The Singapore High Court has affirmed a number of key principles relating to (i) circular commodity sales transactions (including simultaneous sale…

Min Jian Chan, Kyri Evagora, Kenneth Goh

Commencing parallel court proceedings amounts to repudiatory breach of arbitration agreement (Singapore Court of Appeal)

Singapore - October 26 2018 In Marty Ltd v Hualon Corporation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (receiver and manager appointed) [2018] SGCA 63, the Singapore Court of Appeal considered whether…

Dan Perera