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Part 2: Reflections on a transformative presidency - an interview with ICC President Alexis Mourre

Global - May 5 2021 Global chair of our international arbitration practice, José Astigarraga, hosts Alexis Mourre, President of…

Reed Smith International Arbitration Focus: Construction

Global - April 27 2021 In this issue, we look in particular at how contractual time bars are treated in construction contracts. We have sections authored across eight…

The Supreme Court decision in Halliburton v Chubb

United Kingdom - November 30 2020 The UK Supreme Court has delivered a long-awaited judgment which brings clarity to arbitrators’ duties of disclosure in situations where there are…

Christos Antoniou, Gautam Bhattacharyya, Kyri Evagora, Joyce Fong, Lucy M. Winnington-Ingram

Reed Smith quarterly International Arbitration Focus: Latin America - Part 1

Global - October 23 2020 As mentioned in previous issues, we are mindful that there is no shortage of arbitration newsletters - we hope you find our editions different. In…

Marine de Bailleul, M. Cristina Cárdenas, Chloe J Carswell, Jeb Clulow, Sujey S. Herrera, Daniel Avila II, Lucian Ilie, Ed Mullins, Francisco Rivero, William W. Russell, Daniel A. Sox, Lucy M. Winnington-Ingram, Nick Wright

Enka v Chubb - UK Supreme Court Judgment delivers ultimate answers to issues relating to arbitration agreements by a majority decision and a 3-2 split

United Kingdom - October 12 2020 In a “vivid demonstration of the speed with which the English courts can act when the urgency of a matter requires it”, the UK Supreme Court has…

Christos Antoniou, Gautam Bhattacharyya, Kyri Evagora, Joyce Fong, Belinda L. Paisley