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Reed Smith Guide to the Metaverse - 2nd edition

European Union, United Arab Emirates, USA - August 1 2022 Since the first edition of our Guide to the Metaverse, the use cases for the technologies that underpin these new online environments have developed…

Ashleigh Standen, Jonathan Andrews, Charmian Aw, Wendell Bartnick, Judith Becker, Mark E. Bini, Henry Birkbeck, Nick Breen, Keri S. Bruce, Sarah Bruno, Celine Collis, Jess H. Drabkin, Luke Drake, Emily Faro, John P. Feldman, Dr. Thomas Fischl, Anette Gaertner, Tom Gates, Sophie Goossens, Jason Gordon, Dr. Simon G. Grieser, Richard Hakes, Ramsey Hanna, Miranda A. Jannuzzi, Fred Ji, Olga Kacprzak, Hannah Kong, Friedrich Lutter, Ross Mackenzie, Michelle A. Mantine, Stacy K. Marcus, Sara Mohammed, Christine M. Morgan, Adela Mues, Arabella Murrison, Soham Panchamiya, Nicolas A. Pappas, Jessica V. Parry, Noel C. Paul, Carolyn Pepper, Hagen Rooke, Christian Simonds, Andreas Splittgerber, Heather Stweart, Nina Carlina Sugianto, Bryan Tan, Elle Todd, Dr. Michaela Westrup, Hubert Zanczak, Evan Zinaman

CMA formally launches the music and streaming market study

United Kingdom - February 8 2022 On 27 January 2022, the Competition and Markets Authority (the CMA) formally launched a market study into music streaming services.…

Majorie C. Holmes, Olga Kacprzak

Global Disputes in 2021 - A Renewed Perspective post-conference report

Global - December 8 2021 We are pleased to share with you a synopsis of the sessions included in our October 12-14, 2021 virtual conference, “Global Disputes in 2021 - A…

J. Andrew Moss, Daja Apetz-Dreier, Guillaume Aréou, Christophe Arfan, David Ashmore, Charmian Aw, George Brown, Claude Brown, Douglas E. Cherry, Timothy Cooke, Liza Craig, Iveliz R. Crespo, David M. Cummings, Clément Fouchard, Michael Galibois, Mark S. Goldstein, Sophie Goossens, Leigh T. Hansson, Peter Hardy, Bart Huffman, James P. Duffy IV, Peter J. Kennedy, Janet H. Kwuon, Thierry Lautier, Natsayi Mawere, Mallory C. McCarthy, James A. Mercadante, Christine M. Morgan, Brandon Nhan, Christine T. Parker, Khyati Raniwala, Hagen Rooke, Carolyn H. Rosenberg, Marianne Schaffner, Andreas Splittgerber, Amy Yin

Global Perspectives International Trends in Commercial Disputes

Global - October 14 2021 Fraud is a global growth industry that has infamously enjoyed a period of expansion during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Bad actors may be…

Karen A. Braje, Amanda Brown, Sarah Bruno, Stephen Chan, Douglas E. Cherry, Carl De Cicco, Timothy Cooke, Michael Galibois, Mark S. Goldstein, Alison Heaton, Fiona Leung, Michael Lombardino, Natsayi Mawere, Carlene Nicol, Hagen Rooke, Stephen E. Sessa, Andreas Splittgerber, Elle Todd, Geoffrey G. Young

Liability of video sharing platforms - ECJ’s decision on the YouTube case and article 17 of the DSM Directive

European Union - June 29 2021 On 22 June 2021, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the video sharing platform YouTube and a file hosting and sharing platform are not…

Sophie Goossens