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Pause: Texas Social Media Law on Hold as it heads to Supreme Court for Review

USA - October 18 2022 A federal appeals court has agreed to put on hold a Texas social media law, HB 20, that restricts content moderation actions on social media…

Jason Gordon, Michael Isselin, Robert H. Newman

Reed Smith Guide to the Metaverse - 2nd edition

European Union, United Arab Emirates, USA - August 1 2022 Since the first edition of our Guide to the Metaverse, the use cases for the technologies that underpin these new online environments have developed…

Ashleigh Standen, Jonathan J. Andrews, Charmian Aw, Judith Becker, Mark E. Bini, Henry Birkbeck, Nick Breen, Keri S. Bruce, Sarah Bruno, Celine Collis, Jess H. Drabkin, Luke Drake, John P. Feldman, Dr. Thomas Fischl, Anette Gaertner, Tom Gates, Sophie Goossens, Jason Gordon, Dr. Simon G. Grieser, Richard Hakes, Ramsey Hanna, Miranda A. Jannuzzi, Fred Ji, Olga Kacprzak, Hannah Kong, Friedrich Lutter, Ross Mackenzie, Michelle A. Mantine, Stacy K. Marcus, Sara Mohammed, Christine M. Morgan, Adela Mues, Arabella Murrison, Soham Panchamiya, Nicolas A. Pappas, Jessica V. Parry, Noel C. Paul, Carolyn Pepper, Gregor Pryor, Hagen Rooke, Christian Simonds, Dr. Andreas Splittgerber, Heather Stweart, Nina Carlina Sugianto, Bryan Tan, Elle Todd, Dr. Michaela Westrup, Hubert Zanczak, Evan Zinaman

FTC on the Path to Proposed Amendments to the Endorsement Guides

USA - May 23 2022 On May 19, 2022, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) unanimously voted to publish for public comment in the Federal Register proposed changes to the…

Keri S. Bruce

Utah adopts fourth U.S. state comprehensive privacy law

USA - March 25 2022 On March 24, 2022, Utah governor Spencer J. Cox signed into law the Utah Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA), the fourth state-level comprehensive data…

Monique N. Bhargava, Sarah Bruno, Robert H. Newman, Hubert Zanczak

Combating increasing cybersecurity threats - NIST software supply chain security guidance

USA - March 16 2022 NIST has published guidance to the 2021 Executive Order on “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.” The guidance seeks to assist federal agencies and…

Catherine R. Castaldo, Stuart D. Cobb, Christine R. Gartland, Karunya Venugopal