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In-house v external lawyers: a level playing field?

United Kingdom - February 9 2012 The Competition Appeal Tribunal (the "CAT") recently confirmed that an in-house lawyer should only be required to give the same form of undertaking as external counsel and solicitors, despite this being disputed by external lawyers.

Angela Gregson, Katherine Holmes, Marjorie C. Holmes

Guidance on car spare parts and repair – time to reconsider?

European Union - April 2 2012 The sustained financial crisis has altered the landscape of the automotive market.

Angela Gregson, Katherine Holmes, Marjorie C. Holmes

When to file and when not to file: joint ventures

European Union - November 13 2018 Nearly half of all concentrations notified under the EU Merger Regulations (EUMR) have consistently been joint ventures, which are a very common form…

Vaibhav Adlakha, Majorie C. Holmes, Emma Jones, Babak Kouchek Zadeh

Sainsbury’s and Asda get a 10-year ban

United Kingdom - July 10 2019 The proposed Sainsbury’s/Asda merger would have combined the second- and third-largest UK supermarkets. The merger would also have created the…

Emily Daniels, Marjorie C. Holmes

American Airlines & US Airways merger – opposite positions taken by US and EU competition authorities

European Union, USA - August 30 2013 Whereas the European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulations the proposed merger between US Airways Group and AMR Corporation…

Daniel I. Booker, Angela Gregson, Majorie C. Holmes