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Real estate finance transactions and valuation uncertainty - an unhelpful trigger?

European Union, United Kingdom - July 6 2016 The outcome of the EU referendum has put valuers in an unenviable position. The RICS Red Book requires a valuer to identify a situation where a…

Fernand Arsanios, Francisca Sepúlveda

Most recent changes to the German regulatory situation for debt funds

Germany - April 8 2016 Pursuant to recent legislative changes, certain investment funds are now entitled under certain conditions to originate or restructure loans in…

René Lochmann, Dr. Anselm Reinertshofer

Brexit: will the business impact reviews urgently being undertaken by lenders limit their ability to undertake day-to-day banking services

European Union - July 6 2016 Following the referendum result, there has been a great deal of discussion regarding lenders' likely response to changing credit risks caused by the…

Fernand Arsanios, Matthew J. Heaton