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Looking ahead: global antitrust and competition trends for 2021

Global - March 11 2021 While 2020 certainly brought its challenges, 2021 brings new trends, priorities, and opportunities, particularly in the world of competition law. Our…

Vaibhav Adlakha, Audrey Augusto, Courtney Bedell Averbach, Andrew C. Bernasconi, Daniel I. Booker, Christopher Brennan, Lucile Chneiweiss, Debra H. Dermody, Jennifer M. Driscoll, Edward W. Duffy, Christian Filippitsch, Geert Goeteyn, Magdalini Goulakou, Majorie C. Holmes, Khushbu Kumar, Camille Martin Saint Leon, Marc Lévy, Michael E. Lowenstein, Ross Mackenzie, Michelle A. Mantine, Isabelle Rahman, Charles Sauvage, Edward B. Schwartz, Max Seuster, Cindy Shen, William J. Sheridan, Natasha Tardif, Gregory D. Vose, Dora Wang, Emma Weeden, Dr. Michaela Westrup

German competition law ready for the new digital age - Digitalisation Act now in force

Germany - January 20 2021 The tenth amendment to the Act against Restraints of Competition (Digitalisation Act), which entered into force on 19 January 2021 (available in the…

Dr. Michaela Westrup

Personal liability and competition law around the world

Global - January 20 2021 In September 2020, the UK's competition enforcer, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), launched a new guidance document in conjunction with…

Vaibhav Adlakha, Audrey Augusto, Jennifer M. Driscoll, Majorie C. Holmes, Ross Mackenzie, Dimitrios Pittas, Tilman Siebert, Emma Weeden, Dr. Michaela Westrup

Global price gouging laws: A client resource guide

Global - September 23 2020 Price gouging often refers to the charging of an artificially inflated price for high-demand goods or services during a period of emergency, such as…

Vaibhav Adlakha, Lucile Chneiweiss, Jennifer M. Driscoll, Christian Filippitsch, Geert Goeteyn, Majorie C. Holmes, Marc Lévy, Ross Mackenzie, Michelle A. Mantine, Isabelle Rahman, Victoria A. Sanford, Max Seuster, Cindy Shen, Tilman Siebert, Danielle L. Stewart, Natasha Tardif, Dora Wang, Emma Weeden, Dr. Michaela Westrup

Non-luxury brands can ban resale on third-party platforms

European Union, Netherlands - September 15 2020 As the Amsterdam Court of Appeal recently confirmed in Action Sport v Nike (decision of 14 July 2020, ECLI:NL:GHAMS:2020:2004), the prohibition of…

Tilman Siebert, Dr. Michaela Westrup