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Consider Cyberliability and Network Business Interruption Insurance Coverage in Light of Recent DDoS Internet Attack

USA - November 1 2016 The October 21, 2016 DDoS attack on the Internet’s domain name system infrastructure underscores the need to consider cyberliability insurance…

J. Andrew Moss, Cristina M. Shea, David E. Weiss

PA Supreme Court addresses consideration required to enforce restrictive covenants

USA - November 20 2015 In a highly anticipated decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that "new and valuable" consideration must be conveyed to an…

Mariah H. McGrogan, Gretchen Woodruff Root, Wayne C. Stansfield

Another listeria outbreak reminds food industry to revisit insurance program

USA - December 22 2014 On December 19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that U.S. consumers not eat any commercially produced…

Evan T. Knott, Ann V. Kramer, Jill N. Priscott

Pa. Supreme Court agrees that policyholders may assign their bad faith claims

USA - December 17 2014 This week, in a 5-1 decision resolving a certified question from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held…

Luke E. Debevec, John N. Ellison, Michael H. Sampson, George L. Stewart

Hackers don’t care about the terms of your insurance policy

USA - November 19 2014 A recent study reports that the median amount of time between an intrusion into a company's computer network and the discovery of the incident is…

J. Andrew Moss, Cristina M. Shea, David E. Weiss