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From the FCPA to the UK Bribery Act - Your key questions about global anticorruption laws answered

Global, United Kingdom - February 14 2022 Much has been said about planned regulatory change for 2022, with the Biden Administration setting out a strategy to tackle corruption, the UK…

Mark E. Bini, Bradley J. Bolerjack, Pierre-Céols Fischer, Joanna Howe, Rolf Hünermann, Ali Ishaq, Daniel Kadar, Rosanne Kay, Dr. Philip Schmidt LL.B., Francisca M. Mok, Julia Nestor, Christina Nikiforaki, Anthony Poulopoulos, Emma Shafton, Conor Shevlin

Am I subject to the FCPA, UK Bribery Act, or French, German or Greek criminal code?

France, Germany, Greece, USA - November 9 2021 Regulators across the globe are adopting more aggressive measures to tackle corruption in their territories. However, cracking down on corrupt…

Bradley J. Bolerjack, Pierre-Céols Fischer, Rolf Hünermann, Daniel Kadar, Dr. Philip Schmidt LL.B., Christina Nikiforaki, Anthony Poulopoulos

Landmark ruling dismisses major cum-ex claim

Denmark, United Kingdom - April 29 2021 The English Commercial Court has dismissed a major case brought by the Kingdom of Denmark against more than 100 defendants to recover approximately…

Robert Falkner, George Hoare

Significant expansion to the jurisdiction and powers of the Financial Ombudsman Service

United Kingdom - October 29 2018 The FCA is proposing to more than double the Financial Ombudsman Service’s maximum award limit. The proposal comes alongside an imminent expansion of…

Robert Falkner