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Navigating the next normal: Global disputes in 2020 and beyond Post-conference report

Global - December 15 2020 This report provides a synopsis for each of the 20 sessions at our conference, “Navigating the next normal: Global disputes in 2020 and beyond,”…

Aaron Javian, Adela Mues, Andreas Splittgerber, Anette Gaertner, Anthony B. Crawford, Asha R. Sharma, Ben Love, Betty S.W. Graumlich, Carolyn H. Rosenberg, Casey D. Laffey, Chloe J Carswell, Christina Nitsche, Christopher P. Hoffman, Clément Fouchard, Constantine Karides, Cynthia O’Donoghue, Daja Apetz-Dreier, David Ashmore, Diane Bettino, Dora Wang, Douglas E. Cherry, Dusty Elias Kirk, Ed Mullins, Eleanor E. Chapman, Elizabeth R. Tabas Carson, Geert Goeteyn, Gerard M. Stegmaier, Janet H. Kwuon, Jennifer Yule DePriest, Justin J. Kontul, Katalina Bateman, Katherine A. Campbell, Kohe Hasan, Leigh T. Hansson, Liza Craig, Lora Spencer, Lori Armstrong Halber, Mandip Englund, Mark Pring, Michael Galibois, Michael J. Lowell, Michelle A. Mantine, Michelle Nelson, Nick Brocklesby, Nicolas Borda, Oliver Rawkins, Patrick Schumann, Peter Hardy, Peter L. Kogan, Ricky Raven, Rizwan A. Qureshi, Roger Parker, Rosanne Kay, Sachin Kerur, Stéphane Illouz, Stephen Chan, Thor Maalouf, Waseem Khokhar, William T. Kirkwood, Yves Melin.

Green tariff in Ukraine: lessons from Spain and the Czech Republic

Czech Republic, Spain, Ukraine - June 25 2020 The environmental benefits of renewable energy, which includes photovoltaic1 (PV) and other solar energy, as well as thermal, wind and other…

Dina Nazargalina, Lucian Ilie.

Business as usual for the Business and Property Courts

United Kingdom - March 20 2020 Yesterday, the Judiciary of England and Wales published the “Business and Property Courts of England and Wales Protocol Regarding Remote Hearings” in…

Emma Shafton, Peter Hardy.

Rights of Third Parties Put on Notice of Freezing Orders - A Clarification from the Court

United Kingdom - March 28 2017 In a decision this week, the English High Court has clarified the extent of a third party secured creditor’s duties, when put on notice of a freezing…

Simon Greer.

X-tra X-tra read more about it! First English Court Ruling on Class X Notes in European CMBS

United Kingdom - April 21 2016 As outlined in our previous blog, X-tra, X-tra, Real All About It! published on Friday 8 April, Mr Justice Snowden handed down judgment of the High…

Andrzej Janiszewski, Simon Hugo.