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Remedies for unpaid sellers upon buyer’s insolvency

USA - June 26 2020 Recent insolvencies remind us that, when a seller of goods is unpaid, the question of possession leaps to the foreground. There is little value in a…

Sarah Bird, Kyri Evagora, Frances Furness, Vassia Payiataki, Richard G. Swinburn

Global Guide to International Arbitration

Global - November 26 2019 In our globalized and rapidly changing world, finding a reliable way to resolve business disputes is essential…

Hanna Abdou, José Astigarraga, Marine de Bailleul, Francis Bellen, Eduardo J. De la Peña Bernal, Gautam Bhattacharyya, M. Cristina Cárdenas, Chloe J Carswell, Stephen Chan, Jemma A. Collins, Philip W. Danziger, Lindsay East, Alison Eslick, Joyce Fong, Peter Hardy, Kohe Hasan, Sujey S. Herrera, Daniel Avila II, Lucian Ilie, James P. Duffy IV, Iris Kruse, Shourav Lahiri, Michael S. Lazaroff, Catherine Lewis, Richard P. Lewis, Lianjun Li, Rhys Monahan, Michelle Nelson, Belinda L. Paisley, Peter Rosher, Sultan Seidalin, Donald Sham, Antoine K.F. Smiley, Christian Thomas Stempfle, Lisa A. Szymanski, Nazanin Tajbakhsh, Andrew Tetley, Anne-Marie Trachmann, William S. Weltman, Laura Williams, Lucy M. Winnington-Ingram, Jody Wood, Cheryl Yu

Incoterms 2020 - What you need to know

USA - September 16 2019 The wait for the new Incoterms 2020 is finally over. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has now published the latest revision of Incoterms…

Elizabeth Farrell, Vassia Payiataki, Paul Skeet, Richard G. Swinburn, Nazanin Tajbakhsh

Contempt and committal - powerful weapons against arbitration debtors

United Kingdom - September 27 2018 Obtaining a favourable arbitration award often proves to be only half of the battle. Facing obstructive counterparties refusing to honour awards…

Jade Fawcett, Vassia Payiataki, Bartek Rutkowski

GAFTA contracts: Latest amendments

United Kingdom - September 6 2018 This Client Alert discusses the recent amendments to the Grain and Feed Trade Association ("GAFTA") Arbitration Rule No. 125 ("GAFTA 125") and GAFTA…

Diane Galloway, Nazanin Tajbakhsh