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Energy transition an evolving journey

European Union - July 18 2022 The European Commission tabled a proposal implementing the CBAM on July 14, 2021. This proposal is now with the EU's two co-legislators: the European…

Debra Ann Palmer, Karim Alhassan, James E. Atkin, Daniel A. Buoniconti, Ievgeniia Burkhart, Nicole Cheung, Ella Evagora, Simone Goligorsky, Dr. Simon G. Grieser, Liam Hart, Adam Hedley, Philippe Heeren, Brett Hillis, Colette D. Honorable, Tufayel Hussain, Anna Karapetyan, Kevin D. Keenan, Jin Woo Kim, Henry R. King, Kevin M. Levy, Randa M. Lewis, Eric Lin, Todd O. Maiden, Brendan McNallen, Yves Melin, Adela Mues, Stephane D. Nguyen, Antonia Panayides, Laura Riddeck, Hagen Rooke, Peter Rosher, Zahir Sabur, Prajakt Samant, Eric J. Schmoll, Jennifer A. Smokelin, Patrick Sutton, Vanessa Thieffry, Peter C. Trimarchi, Wim Vandenberghe, Nicolas Walker, Jake Williams

Energy transition - An evolving journey

Global - June 28 2022 The European Union (EU) and a growing number of countries around the world are working on taxing at their borders the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions…

Adam Hedley, Todd O. Maiden, Eric J. Schmoll, Jennifer A. Smokelin, Nicolas Walker, Jake Williams

Hydrogen regulations by jurisdiction and changing transmission systems

Global - June 27 2022 In this article, we look at the regulations in some of the key jurisdictions globally, which includes: European Union, France, Germany, the United…

Debra Ann Palmer, Karim Alhassan, Ievgeniia Burkhart, Nicole Cheung, Simone Goligorsky, Dr. Simon G. Grieser, Colette D. Honorable, Tufayel Hussain, Eric Lin, Adela Mues, Hagen Rooke, Zahir Sabur, Nicolas Walker

Baisse du tarif d’achat d’électricité des installations photovoltaïques: l’arbitrage, un outil efficace de protection des investissements ?

European Union, France, Spain - November 21 2021 Le 1er décembre 2021, la réduction du tarif d’achat de l’électricité produite par les installations photovoltaïques dont la puissance de crête est…

Mathilde Adant, Adam Calloway, Clément Fouchard, Erwan Robert, Peter Rosher, Vanessa Thieffry, Nicolas Walker

European Commission announces far-reaching plans for revision of EU Ecodesign laws

European Union - September 15 2020 On 14 September 2020, the European Commission published its “Sustainable Products Initiative”, which aims to revise the existing Ecodesign Directive…

Annie O'Connor, Nicholas Rock, Nicolas Walker