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Keeping Up To Date On CRISPR - July 2016

USA - July 29 2016 CRISPR is a gene editing technique that promises to revolutionize genetic engineering, but already is raising ethical, business, and legal issues…

Simon J. Elliott, Stephen B. Maebius

CRISPR Update - July 2016

USA - July 29 2016 This is the first update on CRISPR, following on from our June 24 web conference entitled, "Navigating the CRISPR Patent Landscape and Business…

Simon J. Elliott

China Issues Guidance Clarifying Core Tasks and Deadlines for Application of the Country’s Telemedicine System

USA - July 7 2016 The Chinese government has been in the process of modernizing its telemedicine law and policy and associated infrastructure for nearly 2 years now…

Richard J. Ferris, Jr.

IPR proactive defense measures - strategies and considerations for patent owners

USA - May 31 2016 Many patent owners have not yet had to defend against an inter partes review (IPR), but the popularity of this proceeding increases the chances that…

Jason N. Mock, Kiri Lee Sharon

China expands telemedicine programs to provinces

China, USA - December 3 2015 Telemedicine continues to attract international attention, with China on track to become one of the largest telemedicine markets in the world. Just a…

Richard J. Ferris, Jr., Nathaniel M. Lacktman