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Is it easy being “green”? The FTC pursues enforcement actions regulating “green” marketing claims

USA - November 14 2013 As consumers increasingly look for, and are willing to pay a premium for, environmentally friendly products, companies are increasingly seeking to…

Catherine M. Basic, Michael D. (Mike) Flanagan, Gregory E. Neppl, Sarah A. Slack

Wisconsin adopts law regulating business-to-business automatic renewal clauses

USA - August 11 2010 In May 2010, Wisconsin adopted a new statute regulating provisions for the automatic renewal of certain contracts.

President signs consumer warranty statute amendment

USA - October 2 2015 In a rare display of bipartisanship, the U.S. Congress has passed and, on September 24, 2015, President Obama signed, an amendment of the federal…

Wisconsin’s new tort reform law provides drafting opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers

USA - February 1 2011 The new law provides that strict liability actions against manufacturers, distributors, and/or retailers of a product (that is, those not based on negligence or breach of warranty) generally may not be filed more than 15 years after the product was manufactured.