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Three Dozen States Sue Makers of Opioid Addiction Treatment Medications for Antitrust

USA - October 12 2016 With opioid abuse continuing to dominate national headlines, manufacturers of opioid overdose medications are facing intense scrutiny over pricing…

Jason L. Drori, James W. Matthews, Judith A. Waltz

The EpiPen Controversy Signals Intensifying Scrutiny of Drug Classification Under Medicaid Rebate Program

USA - September 7 2016 Price increases threatening the availability of EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr® Auto-Injectors (“EpiPen”) have touched off the latest firestorm over drug…

Jason L. Drori, James W. Matthews, David L. Rosen

Senate Judiciary Introduces CREATES Act To Expedite Access To Affordable Drugs

USA - July 5 2016 Following months of public outcry and Congressional probes into significant drug price increases, the Senate Judiciary Committee introduced…

Jason L. Drori, James W. Matthews, David L. Rosen

State Efforts to Combat Drug Price Increases

USA - April 13 2016 Growth in health care costs has long been a source of political and administrative tension for public health agencies across the country. More and…

Jason L. Drori, Redi Kasollja, James W. Matthews

Four Distinct Federal and State Policies Addressing Prescription Opioid Abuse

USA - March 29 2016 The first quarter of 2016 has witnessed a great deal of attention in government to the problem of opioid-related overdose and death in the United…

Jason L. Drori, James W. Matthews