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Michigan Open Meetings Act Compliance: (Nearly) Back to Business as Usual

USA - March 31 2021 As of today, March 31, 2021, no longer may public bodies take advantage of the “any reason” remote meeting provisions of the Open Meetings Act. When…

Courtney F. Kissel, Jason T. Hanselman

New Michigan Amendments Allow Public Bodies to Continue Remote Meetings

USA - January 6 2021 With the ability of public bodies to meet remotely under “any circumstances” set to expire on December 31, 2020, the Michigan Legislature recently…

Courtney F. Kissel, Jason T. Hanselman

Michigan Employers Must Now Demonstrate Infeasibility of Working from Home

USA - November 16 2020 On November 15, 2020, Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) issued a new Gatherings and Face Mask Order that further limits…

Jason T. Hanselman

Michigan Increasing Enforcement of Emergency COVID-19 Rules to Ensure In-Person Work Happening Only When Strictly Required

USA - November 10 2020 Governor Whitmer announced last week that MIOSHA is increasing enforcement of its October 14 Emergency COVID-19 Rules, with a focus on promoting more…

Jason T. Hanselman

Michigan Treasury Department Releases Finalized RAB on the Tax Treatment of Marihuana Sales

USA - February 5 2018 In October 2017, the Michigan Department of Treasury (the “Department”) released a draft Revenue Administrative Bulletin (“RAB”) explaining the…

John A. Abbo, R. L, Boldrey, Erin F. Fonté, Elizabeth A. Khalil, Scott L. Selinger