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Tax Court reaffirms that a tax lien attaches to property held in tenancy by the entireties: United States v. Barczyk

USA - January 26 2012 The Supreme Court of the United States recently denied the taxpayer's petition for certiorari in United States v. Barczyk, 6th Cir. No. 10-1498 (Aug. 18, 2011) cert denied (Jan. 17, 2012).

Michael G. Cumming, Steven E. Grob, Anthony Ilardi, Jr., Wayne D. Roberts

Sparrow decision allows health care company to claim benefits for capital assets used in the furtherance of its tax-exempt purpose

USA - April 27 2011 On February 15, 2011, the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the Michigan Tax Tribunal's determination that Edward W. Sparrow Hospital Association ("Sparrow") could reduce its Michigan Single Business Tax ("SBT") liability by claiming a capital acquisition deduction ("CAD") and an investment tax credit ("ITC") for capital assets used in furtherance of its tax-exempt activities.

Steven E. Grob, Kathrin E. Kudner, Wayne D. Roberts, Sherrill D. Wolford

Colleges and universities compliance project

USA - September 3 2009 In late 2008, the Internal Revenue Service (the "Service") sent over 400 colleges and universities a questionnaire as part of its colleges and universities compliance project.

Jane Forbes