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Resident Discharge From a Michigan HFA: A Reminder

USA - November 15 2019 In Michigan, licensed homes for the aged are a sort of regulatory hybrid, wedged in between heavily regulated skilled nursing facilities and...

Supreme Court Exposes FCA Defendants To Decade-Old Relator Suits

USA - May 15 2019 When the Supreme Court accepted the cert petition to resolve a Circuit split regarding the False Claims Act’s statute of limitations when the...

Donna A. O'Connor, Jonathan S. Feld.

DOJ’s New Civil Division Cooperation Guidelines For False Claims Act

USA - May 15 2019 On the heels of the DOJ Criminal Division’s revisions to its Corporate Enforcement Policy to encourage cooperation, the Civil Division’s Commercial...

Jonathan S. Feld.

Court Limits Authority of DOJ to Dismiss Relator Claims

USA - April 23 2019 The Granston Memo raised concerns that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) would employ its authority under 31 U.S.C. 3730 to undermine qui tam...

Jonathan S. Feld.

A Longer Statute of Limitations for False Claims Act Qui Tam Suits?

USA - March 4 2019 A Supreme Court case to be decided this term will determine whether to extend the statute of limitations for private relators’ FCA actions in which...

Jonathan S. Feld.