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Wisconsin wind siting rules effective today

USA - March 16 2012 After years of uncertainty, the Wisconsin legislature allowed statewide wind energy siting rules to go into effect today.

Energy storage in the MISO footprint

USA - July 15 2011 Two new energy storage studies are getting underway this summer in the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) footprint: the Energy Storage Study and the Manitoba Hydro Wind Synergy Study.

Minnesota PUC clarifies that "other credits" include RECs

USA - June 2 2011 Last year, we reported on the resolution of a longstanding dispute between Xcel Energy and 46 renewable energy generators about the ownership of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) when the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is silent.

Midwest ISO releases Group 5 re-study system impact study

USA - May 23 2011 On May 19, the Midwest ISO released the long-anticipated Minnesota Group 5 Re-Study Generator Interconnection System Impact Study, which Re-Study was ordered by FERC as the result of a cost allocation dispute between a wind developer (Community Wind) and the Midwest ISO with respect to the Brookings County-Twin Cities transmission line.

Brian Nese, Seth D. Hilton, Jason A. Johns, Jennifer Martin

A big day for transmission rate incentives: multiple applications approved, and FERC seeks comments on its policies

USA - May 23 2011 FERC's May 19 open meeting turned out to be positive for transmission developers, as FERC approved transmission rate incentives (or related settlements) for five transmission projects located from the Atlantic coast to the desert Southwest.

Brian Nese, Seth D. Hilton, Jason A. Johns, Jennifer Martin