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2021 Proves to Be Another Big Year for the False Claims Act

USA - February 3 2022 Picking up where 2020 left off, the False Claims Act (“FCA”) continued to be a key tool in 2021 for the Justice Department and whistleblowers to…

Jonathan H. Ferry, Brad Robertson

There is an “I” in Whistleblower and Penalties: Individual Employees Played Key Roles in 2021 False Claims Act Cases

USA - February 3 2022 After obtaining more than $5.6 billion in settlements and judgments from False Claims Act (“FCA”) lawsuits, the largest amount since 2014, it is…

Jonathan H. Ferry, Brad Robertson

The False Claims Act in 2021: A Government Enforcement Update

USA - February 3 2022 As in recent years, the False Claims Act (“FCA”) continued to serve as a primary tool utilized by the federal government against government…

Aron C. Beezley, Jonathan H. Ferry, Brad Robertson

False Claims Act: 2021 Year in Review

USA - February 2 2022 The year 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Bradley False Claims Act Year in Review. In that decade, much has remained the same in…

Natalie Hirt Adams, Matthew W. Bedan, Aron C. Beezley, Gene R. Besen, Jonathan H. Ferry, Daniel J. Fortune, Giovanni P. Giarratana, A. Lee Bentley III, Elisha J. Kobre, Anna M. Lashley, Bethanie Livernois, Gregory G. Marshall, Lyndsay E. Medlin, Jason P. Mehta, Ocasha O. Musah, Scarlett Singleton Nokes, Somadina Nwokolo, Brad Robertson, Tara S. Sarosiek, Jack W. Selden, Stephen R. Spivack, Erin K. Sullivan, VIRGINIA C. WRIGHT

Full Steam Ahead: New Administration and New Priorities Will Add to Already Active FCA Enforcement Environment

USA - March 10 2021 2020 was an especially active year for FCA enforcement. What does this tell us about compliance in the coming year? Bradley Government Enforcement…

Jonathan H. Ferry, Brad Robertson