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State Bank Regulations Become New Front in the Fossil Fuel Wars

USA - May 5 2022 West Virginia recently became the second state to enact financial regulations designed to ward off efforts to deny fossil fuel companies access to…

Justin A. Miller

Does the Eleventh Circuit’s Hunstein Decision Mean that the FDCPA Violates the First Amendment?

USA - May 7 2021 The Eleventh Circuit’s far-reaching decision in Hunstein v. Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc. — which we previously covered on this…

R. Aaron Chastain

Supreme Court Holds Mere Retention of Bankruptcy Debtor’s Property Is Not a Violation of the Automatic Stay but More Questions Remain

USA - January 15 2021 For the past few years, the Federal Circuit courts have struggled with the issue of whether a creditor retaining possession of bankruptcy estate…

Elizabeth R. Brusa, Alexandra Dugan

New Nevada Decisions Confirm Additional Ways to Satisfy HOA Superpriority Liens

USA - April 14 2020 The Nevada Supreme Court again turned its attention to superpriority liens in the first quarter of 2020, issuing two opinions dealing with tenders, i…

R. Aaron Chastain, J. Hunter Robinson

Silence Isn’t Always Golden—Sometimes It Lands You in Class Arbitration

USA - August 8 2019 As this blog has previously discussed, the availability of class arbitration has been significantly restricted after a series of U.S. Supreme Court…

Michael R. Pennington