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Details of Governor Bill Haslam’s “Revenue Modernization Act” emerge: broad-sweeping tax proposals to all major Tennessee taxes

USA - February 13 2015 The Administration introduced the "Revenue Modernization Act" on February 11 in the Senate Finance Committee, and the proposal includes numerous…

Brett R. Carter

Tennessee – 2014 legislative highlights

USA - June 27 2014 Effective January 1, 2015, the method of issuing tax assessments and the informal conference process available to taxpayers will be revamped. 2014…

Brett R. Carter, Joseph W. Gibbs

Legislative update: Tennessee Department of Revenue proposes changes to informal taxpayer conference process (SB1635/HB1431)

USA - January 28 2014 On January 14, the Tennessee Department of Revenue introduced legislation that, if enacted, would modify the informal taxpayer conference procedures…

Brett R. Carter, Joseph W. Gibbs

Tennessee bill would adopt Amazon, click-thru nexus in Tennessee (SB2298/HB1537)

USA - January 28 2014 Legislation was introduced on January 23 that would adopt a click-thru nexus standard in Tennessee. The proposal, introduced by Senator Randy McNally…

Brett R. Carter, Joseph W. Gibbs

Tennessee Department of Revenue clarifies treatment of SMLLCs

USA - January 28 2014 The Tennessee Department of Revenue has issued Notice 13-16 to clarify the tax treatment of SMLLCs owned by entities checking the box to be treated…

Brett R. Carter, Joseph W. Gibbs