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Update on Bid Protests in Alabama

USA - November 10 2022 The new bid protest procedures apply “to contracts solicited and entered into after October 1, 2022” (Ala. Code § 41-4-112). Any bid protests of…

Aron C. Beezley, Sarah Sutton Osborne

COFC Finds Jurisdiction Over OTA Protest

USA - August 24 2022 The U.S. Court of Federal Claims, in Hydraulics International, Inc. v. United States, recently held that the court had jurisdiction over a bid…

Aron C. Beezley

SBA Adopts 24-Month Period for Employee-Based Size Determinations

USA - June 22 2022 The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recently issued a final rule adopting a 24-month — as opposed to the current 12-month — average to…

Aron C. Beezley

$15 Per Hour Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors Takes Effect

USA - January 28 2022 The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council recently issued an interim rule amending the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to implement Executive…

Aron C. Beezley

Bid Protests in Alabama

USA - October 29 2021 Bradley has been publishing an ongoing survey of state-level bid protest processes and procedures (see, e.g., our post on “Bid Protests in New York”)…

Aron C. Beezley, Sarah Sutton Osborne