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With IRS Partnership Audits Ramping Up, Will More States Enact the MTC Model Statute?

USA - August 16 2022 Landmark changes in the federal income tax treatment of partnerships (including multi-member LLCs) became effective in 2018 for many more…

William T. Thistle, II

ADOR Grants Extension to Make PTE Tax Election for 2021 Tax Year

USA - June 24 2022 Readers may recall that the Alabama Legislature unanimously enacted an elective pass-through entity tax (PTE Tax) last year as a workaround to the…

William T. Thistle, II

Two Important Alabama Tax Bills Cross the Finish Line Midway Through the 2022 Regular Session

USA - March 1 2022 The Alabama Legislature has now used 16 of its 30 legislative meeting days so far in the 2022 Regular Session. While the primary focus will be on…

James E. Long, Jr.

Important Tax Legislation to Watch in the 2022 Alabama Regular Session

USA - December 16 2021 Because 2022 is an election year, the start date for the Alabama Legislature's regular session comes early: Tuesday, January 11. As we do annually…

William T. Thistle, II

Worker Classification Investigations Highlighted

USA - September 20 2021 Last week, the Internal Revenue Service issued a polite notice (IR-2021-186) to employers and tax practitioners, as part of National Small Business…

Anne Knox Averitt