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DHS Guidelines Give Protection from Deportation to Undocumented Workers Who Report Labor Violations

USA - February 2 2023 If an employer hires undocumented workers, are they covered under the U.S. employment laws? Initially, employers must complete Form I-9s for all new…

Keith Covington

The Handbook Tale: Beware the Importance of Your Paperwork

USA - February 1 2023 Is your employee handbook a binding contract? A recent case from the Alabama Supreme Court, Davis v. City of Montevallo, says sometimes it is. Many…

Anne Knox Averitt, Diana N. Evans

New Year, New Job Duties? Why It Might Be a Good Time to Update Job Descriptions

USA - January 25 2023 Your job descriptions may be more important than you think, and what better time to review and update them than the start of the New Year? In this…

Sarahanne Vaughan

Run Over by the Failure to Train: Fifth Circuit Holds Inadequate Training May Be an Adverse Employment Action

USA - January 19 2023 For employers, figuring out what constitutes an adverse employment action under Title VII may seem elusive. In general, an adverse employment action…

J. William Manuel

Oh Baby, Baby: New Laws Protecting Pregnant and Breastfeeding Employees

USA - January 18 2023 Do you have pregnant employees, employees returning from parental leave, or employees who have had a child or children in the last two years? Recent…

Cortlin Bond