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After (Another) Unusual Year, We’re Very Thankful and Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving

USA - November 24 2021 Now that the pandemic’s “social distancing” is lessening, we hope you are all able to gather with friends and family this Thanksgiving. As we do the…

Courtney M. Achee, Elizabeth R. Brusa, Jason R. Bushby, Anna Craft, Brian R. Epling, Christopher K. Friedman, Lee Gilley, Christy W. Hancock, Erin Jane Illman

Second Circuit Follows Other Recent Circuit Opinions Re: Private Student Loan Discharge

USA - July 26 2021 The Second Circuit has followed the lead of the Tenth and Fifth Circuits in affirming a bankruptcy court ruling regarding private student loans under…

Keith S. Anderson

Bradley’s Bankruptcy Basics: Payment of Claims

USA - April 22 2021 One of the first things creditors ask after filing a proof of claim is, “when do I get paid?” As with so many other legal questions, the answer is…

Elizabeth R. Brusa, Erin Malone-Smolla

Bradley’s Bankruptcy Basics: COVID-19 Bankruptcy Relief Extension Act Extends Various CARES Act Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code

USA - April 14 2021 Last March, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) made several changes to the…

Elizabeth R. Brusa, Christy W. Hancock

Bradley’s Bankruptcy Basics: Secured vs. Unsecured Claims

USA - April 13 2021 Bankruptcy is primarily about “claims.” The debtor seeks to discharge personal liability on claims, while creditors seek payment on their claims. In…

Elizabeth R. Brusa, Erin Malone-Smolla