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New York Finalizes Commercial Lending Disclosure Regulations

USA - February 8 2023 As the regulatory scrutiny facing commercial finance providers continues to increase, many have been closely monitoring developments in state-level…

Christopher K. Friedman, David Long Jr., Shelby D. Lomax

The Countdown Is on for Factors, MCAs, and Other Commercial Financing Providers to Comply with California’s Commercial Disclosure Law, and the Deadline Is Sooner Than You Think

USA - June 22 2022 In 2018, California became the first state to pass a commercial finance disclosure law (CDL) requiring certain commercial finance companies to make…

Christopher K. Friedman

Fintechs and Non-banks Beware: CFPB to Utilize “Dormant Authority” to Examine Fintechs and Other Non-bank Financial Services Companies

USA - April 26 2022 On Monday, the CFPB issued a press release announcing that it will start using its authority to examine non-bank financial services institutions that…

Beryl Newchurch Billings, Christopher K. Friedman, Shelby D. Lomax, Andrew J. Narod, Caroline Waters

Tricking Banks into Processing Marijuana Transactions Carries Major Consequences

USA - April 26 2021 Eaze Technologies made quite the splash when it burst onto the cannabis scene advertising direct delivery of marijuana products in a matter of hours…

Benjamin William Perry

The Tide Has Turned in TCPA Litigation: The Supreme Court Unanimously Adopts Narrow Definition of “Autodialer” in Landmark Decision

USA - April 1 2021 In a landmark decision released this morning, the U.S. Supreme Court finally answered the question that has been at the heart of Telephone Consumer…

Andrew J. Narod, Benjamin William Perry, Grant A. Premo